Naturally formed by the cycles of the moon, ocean and changing tides, the Tahitian pearl has been worn through the ages to evoke the beauty and balance of the heart.  Jhaña Pearl blends these beautiful and lustrous ocean gems with raw elements of leather and precious metals, creating a bohemian luxury collection inspired by the ease and leisure of coastal living.

Through being tossed and turned in the ocean’s currents, what begins as an irritant in the oyster naturally transforms into one of the world’s oldest known precious gems. Similarly, the Jhaña Pearl woman gracefully evolves through the waves of life while remaining anchored in her heart through the tides of change.  She dives deep to walk her connected path, embodying a style that is simple yet striking, cultured with adventure, sophisticated with soul, and above all, timeless.

’Jhaña’ is a Pali’ word for ‘meditative absorption’, drawing on the state of mind from which our Tahitian pearls are transformed into jewels.   A contemplative art from beginning to end, each piece is finely crafted on the coast of Venice, California and infused with an aura of simplicity and elegance, perfectly reflecting our philosophy: your beauty resonates from the inside out.






All of our Tahitian pearls are sourced from small, family run pearl farms that focus on quality over mass production and use organic, sustainable methods with great care.  Jhaña Pearl passionately believes in protecting our oceans and is proud to use only the finest, ethically sourced Tahitian pearls for our jewelry.  The art of culturing pearls is the result of  many years of flowing intelligent evolution and we have great respect for the pearl farmers of Tahiti who live closely connected to the rhythms of nature to produce their bountiful harvests.  

From the pristine waters of French Polynesia to the shores of Southern California, our Tahitian pearls are handpicked for our creations and made with love, maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship, quality and style.





With a thirst for wisdom combined with an adventurous spirit, Lindsay has always been inspired by the dynamic connection between inner and outer beauty.  When the Tahitian pearl beckoned her with its lustrous glow and small but potent symbol of purity and love, her love of jewelry design transformed from creating custom pieces for friends and family to designing a beautiful collection of her own.

Initially receiving a degree in Holistic Health, Lindsay continued her studies over the course of many years immersed in Yoga and the Healing Arts.  Influenced by the wisdom teachings of her past and a deep love of travel, her jewelry exudes the exotic serenity of the Tahitian pearl with the casual elegance of hand rolled leather, merging fashion and design with authentic island living.  Jhaña Pearl was founded during the many years that Lindsay lived by the bright blue ocean on the island of Maui, Hawaii.   Now living along the sandy beaches of Southern California, the oceans remains her greatest inspiration as the warm winds and salt air continue to infuse the gentle beauty and raw spirit of her creations.