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Jhaña Pearl uses exclusively high quality AA to AAA certified Tahitian Pearls in all of our jewelry.  A gemstone that does not need to be cut or polished to reveal its true splendor, a pearl's beauty is completely natural and perfect without any treatment.   As with all things in nature, each pearl varies from gem to gem.  Slight variations in shape, size and color are to be expected.  Any natural marks on the pearls are part of what contribute to their their natural beauty, each one as unique as a fingerprint.  Pearls are resilient organic gemstones and we believe they are meant to be worn regularly.  You can wipe them off with a soft cloth after wearing them to maintain their luster.  It is best to avoid letting them come into contact with artificial perfumes, cosmetics and styling products. 


All of our jewelry is created with our specialty hand rolled leather, offering a soft and beautiful yet strong and durable quality.  To maintain its integrity, we recommend treating your leather with pure Shea Butter.


You will receive your jewelry in a suede pouch with our Jhaña Pearl insignia on it.  It comes in a jewelry gift box, hand stamped with our wax seal logo design and secured with raw leather lace.



If you would like a piece of jewelry designed for yourself, a gift or special occasion, we are happy to collaborate with you to create a one of a kind treasure.  The jewelry you wear is an expression of your passions, personality and lifestyle and it is exciting to be part of a process that starts with an idea and becomes something that is uniquely beautiful, meaningful and highly functional.


All of our hand crafted jewels begin the creation process when your order is placed, thoughtfully collecting and drilling the perfect Tahitian pearls for your design.   Due to the handmade nature of each piece, we do not accept returns.  However, there are certain exemptions to this, feel free to contact to discuss your particular situation.  In some cases we will allow exchanges.  Each piece is made with the utmost care and intention and we truly appreciate your support of our products. All Jhaña Pearl jewelry is made to order and may take up to one week to be prepared for shipment.

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