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With a thirst for wisdom combined with an adventurous spirit, Lindsay has always been inspired by the dynamic connection between inner and outer beauty.  When the Tahitian pearl beckoned her with its lustrous glow and small but potent symbol of purity and love, she arrived at the art of jewelry design as she does any endeavor, naturally.

Initially receiving a degree in Holistic Health, Lindsay continued her studies over the course of many years immersed in Yoga and the Healing Arts.  Influenced by the wisdom teachings of her past and a deep love of travel, her jewelry exudes the exotic serenity of the Tahitian pearl with the casual elegance of hand rolled leather, merging fashion and design with authentic island living.  Lindsay lives surrounded by the bright blue ocean on the island of Maui, where the warm winds, waterfalls and salt air infuse the gentle beauty and raw spirit of her creations.

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